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Ɛverlasting Conversations about the Ɛmerging Ɛvolution

Corujas da Noite/The Night Owls is a documentary series that shares conversations about ideas, beliefs and concepts with people from totally different backgrounds. Most of the time, if not always, with contradictory perspectives. With the aim of, in the midst of that, truth being found.
All conversations are improvised and as one experiences life so each person finds a place to express their most truthful side directly onto your screen.
Join this journey of finding inspiration to be part of the occurring Ɛvolution ❤️

New conversations every 3 weeks.



The INTRO to the Documentary Series with 1 Introduction Video and 6 conversations.

Os Corujas • The Owls

All Conversations in one place.

Perception Snippets

3 min cuts with Perceptions from The Owls.


Poems that inspire or are inspired by the conversations

Short Spread of The Word

Shortly and Slowly enroll in message through 1 min clips of all videos

ArT of the Muses

Audiovisual Booklets of Corujas' Music ∀p∃c V [C(x) V U(x1p1c1)]



There are 3 ways to support Corujas da Noite/The Night Owls: 

1. Purchase Digital & Physical Art 
by Ɛll3 💗

Art inspired and at times directly related to the conversations & episodes of the series.

2.  Corujas’ Monthly Subscription 

Access the Discord Channel with exclusive content, live transmissions and episodes planning.

3. Donating 

A donation of any amount will be greatly appreciated and will keep up the work!

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